VARV advocates for legislation that would require institutions to provide regular reporting to city council on animal welfare issues associated with their program, including animal deaths, or compliance issues with federal and state laws


Throughout the country, thousands upon thousands of animals are confined to laboratory cages and repeatedly subject to cruel experimentation, much of which proves frivolous and ultimately useless. These animals include cats, dogs, pigs, primates, mice, sheep, and many other species of sentient creatures. In the city of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University houses scores of animals subject to scientific experimentation, including dozens of primates, many of whom are forcibly addicted to drugs such as heroin and fentanyl. Virginia Commonwealth University has refused to allow outside access to view its laboratories and has refused to release primates to sanctuary, despite offers from a reputable national organization. Moreover, federal government records retrieved via Freedom of Information Act reveal countless animal deaths from failure to provide basic necessities such as food and water.



Providing transparency into animal research